SharePoint 2013 Access Denied in Site Collections in Web Application

Not a good way to start the day. All Site collections in a Web Application is giving Access Denied Error to all the Users. Even SharePoint Setup Account which is a Farm account and Primary Site collection administrator for all the site collections.

IIS reset, Server Restart everything was tried. But missed the simple thing SharePoint Super Reader

and Super User Account!!!

Fortunately one of the Microsoft PFE was in our office today. It came to her mind and just tried the setting Super User and Super Reader Accounts again through powershell.

NOTE: same accounts were already configured properly but reconfigured through PowerShell.

Problem Solved

$wa = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity "http://WebApplicationURL"
$wa.Properties["portalsuperuseraccount"] = "domainName\SuperUserAccount"
$wa.Properties["portalsuperreaderaccount"] = "domainName\SuperReaderAccount"


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